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Welcome to Summer Camp 2014!!


Our summer camp is a source of musical enrichment and an opportunity to have a different experience in studying music!


Students will experience playing different instruments as well as their own. Keyboards, drums, percussion, guitar, ukelele, and vocals are offered. They will play with other students in a group setting and perform as an ensemble. They will also play various games and activitites. 


Rhythm Ball, Big Piano, Velcro Note Ball, Bean Bag Note Game, Musical Hula Hoops, Musical Contests, Dancing all of which test and reinforce their skills while having the time of their lives!!


Students will concentrate on learning a few songs to play as a group and develop individual skills on their chosen instrument. 


Students going into 1st grade and up are welcome. Please call for students going into kindergarten. 


No experience necessary. Students will learn from each other as well as the instructor and play at their level in the groups. We will arrange groups by age and experience and try to have groups that will work well together. We can discuss the best situation for your child to learn and have fun for this camp.


The camp runs for 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday, the month of July for 2 and a half hours. (an hour and 45 minutes for grades K and 1).


Join the Adventure: Call today!




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