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Musical Motivations

An Adventure in Music!
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Hi, I'm Tom Langmaack and I have a unique approach to teaching music! Here you will learn about my method and how it can help your child succeed and have fun learning to play music!! 

  • We offer unique private lessons on piano, keyboards, guitar and drums/percussion!

  • Vocal lessons also taught!

  • Recitals: 3 per year!

  • Motivating reward system!

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Cara and Donny's Adventures!

The Case of the Hidden Treasure

A new novel for kids! This is an exciting adventure in music learning. Parents can read to younger students and older students can read by themselves. This novel is a combination of prose novel and a 'note speller.' Students can figure out the 'map,' by deciphering the notes and filling out the words. There are separate pages of note speller work as well as on the map and the pictures. With  fantastic illustrations, this novel will continue the learning experience for students as well as provide time for parents to read and help students learn. It is also meant to add to practice time as theory knowledge is an important part of music study. Tom

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STUDENTS will learn from traditional methods as well as more creative methods. They can choose songs they would like to learn along with the set curriculum. They will also learn applied theory where they can play and create their own music!

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Younger Students: I have created my own method books where students will take an adventure and follow musical characters to learn their notes and theory! Students love this method and it sparks their own creative imagination! They can even be a part of the story as they try to figure out the characters' Secrets and Adventures!
Students will also use traditional books for repertoire and learning general music concepts.
Older Students:  Students will use a combination of my methods as well as traditional methods. I incorporate technique, theory, applied chord theory and much more. Individual interests are taken into consideration as a motivating force. Classical, Popular,  Broadway and Jazz styles.
Move Up the Levels: In this system, students master a graded sequence of lessons and earn wrist bands to state their level of achievement! They will have frequent performances where they move up the levels. Students are motivated to advance and there is no pressure as students support each other and their individual level of ability! It is a totally positive atmosphere where students gain confidence and poise in the creative process! Students may choose not to participate in the system but still get the benefits of the program through the performances.
Private Lessons: We offer 
unique and exciting private lessons. Group sessions can be arranged if desired.
Creativity: Students can write and create their own compositions and perform them at the annual concert, and/or record them for posterity!

Concerts: We will have one yearly concert for all interested students to display their achievements for the year! 
Performances: We will also have performances at public venues throughout the year for students to work towards. This keeps them involved and engaged in the learning process.
Summer lessons: Students can opt private summer lessons. 
Broadway Bound: Vocal and instrumental lessons are offered for those interested in the Broadway style.
Vocal coaching and interpretation as well as self
accompaniment lessons on piano are offered. We also offer to help create your audition book!
Both Worlds Entertainment!
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Cara the Cat

Donny the Dog

About Tom Langmaack
Mr. Langmaack is a certified, experienced music teacher in the NJ public schools. He has 35 years experience working with children in both private and class settings!
He studied music from the age of 5 and continues to this day. He plays piano, keyboards, guitar, drums, percussion, and is a vocalist as well! 
He has recorded with the Julliard and Manhattan schools of music and performed in such venues as the 92 Street Theater in NYC, WNCN Radio in NYC, various colleges and universities, recorded commercials and served as the Musical Director/Conductor for the NJPAC Summer Youth Program  with the local group WYACT (Now The New Jersey Youth Theater). He has specialized in the Broadway aspect of music since he was 17 along with Jazz, Classical and Popular styles. See Our Story above for more information on Tom Langmaack.
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