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This is for students who are working on their scales and want to achieved the Master Level status.


Here are the levels you can achieve:

Junior Masters Level 


5 note scale scales hands together                                                     


5 note scales and chords hands together                                


5 notes scales and chords together, up one octave scale.


Master's Level Part A - Separate

1 octave scale with 2  hands separate:


C Scale 


G Scale


D Scale


Master's Level Part B - Separate

A Scale 


E Scale


B Scale




Scale Master's Level - Separate 

Perform all 6 scales with hands separate

Bonus Scale - F


Scale Master's level - Together 

Perform all 6 scales with hands together 

Bonus Scale - F

Advanced Scale Master's Level 

Perform all 7 scales with hands together - 2 octaves




Nicholas Menzorio - 


                            Part A -



                                Part B -







The Scale Master's Club

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