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In Home Lessons:

$45. per half hour ($40. if paid monthly)

$60. per 45 minute ($53. if paid monthly)

$75 per hour lesson ($65. if paid monthly)

We have a few options for payment. As it is usual that students miss lessons for various reasons: sick, snow, vacation, holiday, etc., we have a few options to avoid the reshceduling problem.

Option #1: Students pay monthly for 36 weeks of lessons. Half hour lessons would be $144. per month. That works out to be $36. per week. As you will miss lessons, the actual price is closer to the $40. per week. When there are 5 weeks in a month, you only pay for 4. When you miss a lesson, you still pay for the 4 weeks. It works out that if you take the 6 weeks, you pay the $40. per lesson. If you take less off, you pay less. If there are more than the 6 missed lessons, we will make up lessons. If you need to change a day for a particular week, we will also work with you to change days. Usually it works out that clients miss the 6 days or less.

How it works out:

1/2 hour lesson: $144. per month ($36.00 per week)

45 minute lesson: $190. Per month ($47.70 per week)

60 minute lesson: $234. per month ($58.50 per week)

Option 2: Pay weekly ($45.) and have make-ups when lesson are missed. We allow 5 days missed lessons for holidays etc., but make-ups are required past the 5 days. 24 hours notice is required and same day cancellations are a forfeiture. If a student is sick for the day, please let us know by 9:00am or as soon as you know if it happens during the school day. We will work with you for extended sickness or things like a broken arm, etc. 


Make-ups: We have two options:

a. A full make-up scheduled for another day. 

b. A half lesson added to the next scheduled lesson. $30. fee.

Forfeited lessons are required for same day cancellations not related to a sickness or after 1 sickness for the year.


My cancellations: 1 cancellation and 1 snow day on my part is counted as part of the 36 weeks. After that, there is no charge for that week. (I will try to schedule a make up for any days I have to cancel). 

Stopping lessons: We require a month notice if you decide to stop lessons altogether. 

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